Karen Lawson is intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated to creating first class living and working environments. She approaches her design projects with great determination, and has an amazing natural talent for design. Her grasp on both architecture and design disciplines are found rarely in this field; therefore her designs in both residential and commercial spaces are always current and classic yet never trendy.

Karen has an innate concept of "modern simplicity" or "classical minimalism". Her design aesthetic is marked by clean, simple and sophisticated lines, a diverse palette of colors, interesting textures, and contemporary furnishings accented with one-of-a-kind pieces. The result: impeccable and striking environments, which get noticed for their originality and timeless quality

Today, Karen Lawson heads her own spatial and interior design firm providing a complete range of services from full design services and full-scale construction management to the total selection of all interiors.

Many people have turned to this focused and dynamic designer to create environments blending style, comfort and look with functionality to match their various lifestyles. "I never look to the past for references," Karen says. "Each time I design a new space it is like starting again. I refer to the client of today - how they work, how they live, where they want go - and evolve my design accordingly." Karen Lawson puts creativeness into designing and works as hard as her clients do, providing a combination of sophistication, chic simplicity and high performance. Her style is simplicity with grace.

Karen brings a refreshing eclectic background to the challenge of creating elegant and spatial interior designs. Her resume includes a bachelor in Fine Arts, Design and a minor in Architecture from UCLA. For 10 years Karen was a senior project designer for the nation’s largest design firm ISD. In addition to large architectural projects such as the Los Angeles International Airport Karen designed spaces for high-power corporations, such as Disney, in various countries including Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France. In 1988 Karen opened her own firm, The Lawson Design Studio and has since been working on high-end residential projects as well as small commercial buildings.