The Lawson Design Studio is a full-service architectural firm and our name embodies our primary philosophy of design:  that the built environment needs to not only be designed to function well, but be timeless, built with sustainability in mind and with a quality that will endure and age gracefully.

We believe that homes and commercial spaces can, and should, enhance our environment and lives.  This happens when buildings are carefully located upon the site, are well designed, thoughtfully reflect the needs and values of the people involved, and incorporate construction materials and techniques that are sustainable and lessen the impact on our environment.

We believe the best projects occur when client, architect, and builder work together as a truly collaborative team and respect what the others bring to the process. 

With roots based in the construction trades, we understand the building process and work diligently to create environmentally-appropriate homes that are matched to our client’s needs.


We design with the reality of the project budget ever present in our minds, and we believe that good design is an excellent investment.  We feel that it's more satisfying to live and work in well thought out and carefully crafted places than in buildings that have no 'soul'.

The interior of our homes range from minimalist finishes to elaborate detailing. The extent of our interior design work is determined by the nature of the building as well as the budget and personal taste of the clients. We are a full-service design practice and offer assistance with all interior design and material selection decisions